Chris Bowman, Pastor/Administrator
 Sonya Bowman, Director

Chris and his wife Sonya have been married since 1995. 
They began their homeschooling journey with their daughter (Janna) in 2001,after she had attended public school for 5 years. They also have two sons (Austin & Nathan) who have always been educated at home. Austin graduated from AHA in 2017.
  Chris has been the Administrator of Alabama Homeschool Academy since the ministry began. He has been Pastor of The Church of Biblical Education (supporting church of Alabama Homeschool Academy) since 2005.  

Sonya handles the day to day operations of the homeschool ministry as welll as educating the couple's two sons. Sonya received her B.S. from UAB. She hopes that the skills she learned while at UAB will aid in expanding the homeschool ministry to meet the needs of more special needs children.

The couple enjoys spending time with their family including their two grandchildren
 (Colt & Maci) in their free time, as well as serving in the community. 

Left to Right:
Austin, Colt, Chris, Sonya, Nathan (in front), Maci, Chase (son-in-law), Janna